What Iki Means



Iki is a Japanese word, pronounced as [i-ki].

The Meanings

Breath  息
     What every single animal does to live.
     Breath is most powerful instrument when you are an artist.
     You need breath to speak, move, & nonverbal communication as well.

Smart, Cool, Fashionable  粋
     When one says “You are iki” to a Japanese, it is the best compliment for his/her behavior & fashion.

Spirit, Mind  意気
     When you are filled with spirit of doing something, you have your “iki”.

To Live, Lively, fresh  生き、活き
     When you say “iki-ru”, that makes the word “iki” into verb which means “to live”.
    When you repeat the word “iki” doubly as “iki-iki”, that means “lively”, “vigorously”, & “fresh”

To Go Forward to the Aim  行き
     A train goes to the terminal station XX, we say “XX-iki”.
     You can put your dream point as if it is your terminal station!

Nice word, is not it?
Have IKI, Use IKI, Be IKI!



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