Hello, this is IKI, Inc., a Honolulu based performing arts company.

We provide a platform for artists who look for new worldwide relationships and connections in this unpredictable COVID-19 era.

We Provide…

Bilingual Performing Artists

If you are looking for a bilingual performing artist, contact us.

Creating Theatre, Shows, and Movies

We make stages, shows, and short movies. If you are looking for performing in Japan, or connection with Japanese artists, contact us.

Learning and Teaching

If you are looking for teaching arts (acting, directing, painting, singing, musical instrumentals) for Japanese people, contact us.

Live Interaction International Institute
This is a research centre of the world acting & directing techniques.
We train teachers, actors, & translators for performing arts.


If you are looking for promoting your piece of work into Japanese, contact us.


Need a new way of lifestyle in this COVID-19 era?
Our founder Elica’s newsletter IKI, the New Zen Lifestyle gives you wide knowledge of Japanese culture and simple and zen-like way of living.

The key to a healthy and enjoyable life is in IKI mind.
IKI means breath, life, liveliness, beauty, and love in Japanese.

It is closely connected to ZEN. But when Zen is more of sitting-down and stay-quiet, IKI is with more vigour, physical, and feelings of go-forwardness.   IKI is more for connecting with the outer world as well as with inner self.

We can be as happy as ever even in this unpredictable era, with IKI mind.

I hope Elica’s newsletter would be of some help for you to lead better days.

Who we are…

IKI was established as a Honolulu based performing arts promoting company in 2017, by a Japanese theatre director/actress named ELICA MIWA.  

We are still like an egg to be hatched.  Most of our works right now are in Japan.  Anyone who is interested in creative works connected to Japan, feel free to contact us through websites listed below.

This is the website of our president & founder.
She shares her insight into the arts.